A dream day at Beijing ePrix

fia formula e | 25.10.2015

That first race of the Formula E second season was like a dream come true. We made no mistake, the car was great, and I scored victory, pole-position and fastest lap. Which allows me to score 25 points for the win, 3 points for the pole and 2 points for the fastest lap, which totals 30 points – so far, no one had been able to score that many points at once in Formula E.

I started from pole, and the race was just perfect, I did not see anybody anymore! This year, the regulation changed slightly to allow the teams to modify slightly the cars. The engineers have the right to change the back of the cars, behind the battery, and the solutions found by Renault e.Dams seem fairly good.

That said, I don’t expect things to be that easy all weekends, of course! At Beijing, we enjoyed a serie of favourable circumstances, without any problem, while our competitors didn’t all have easy times. Some of them weren’t even ready yet.

That’s partly why I have been able to enjoy that dream week-end. To date, it is still too early to say who will be my main rival this season, but it could well be my own team-mate, Nicolas Prost. Unfortunately for the team, he had to retire at Beijing, but next time it could well be my turn!

The next race will take place at Putrajaya, in Malaysia. Last year, I started last and I could climb up the ranks to finish on the podium. I am looking forward to being there. And you know me: I’ll do my best to try to clinch another victory.