It’s hard and frustrating

fia formula e | 29.06.2015

I end up the Formula E season being vice-champion, one and only point short of the title. It’s hard. I feel frustrated, unnerved, and sad. All those feelings are mixed.

It’s for sure : when we arrived in London, we were 23 points behind Nelsinho Piquet, it was almost wrapped up.  But Saturday, after having won the first race of the week-end, and seeing how Sunday’s qualifying went, a little hope was back.

During the first stage of the race, everything went well. And then, after having changed car, at a braking point, my rear wheels locked up and I spun. I don’t know why it happened, I am the only one having suffered from that problem.

Bruno Senna took advantage of that to pass me. Then, I tried everything to repass him, using all the tricks, and the fan-boost. I knew I had to pass him to win the title. But it was just impossible, he was all along the place to stay in front of me, while Nelsinho Piquet got his team-mate’s help.

Well, I don’t blame anybody, that’s just the way it is. We did not lose today, of course, we lost the title by making too many mistakes all along the season. It’s a shame, as I am the only driver who won three races this season…

Now I am going back home. I will relax, and think about all this… Alain Prost said there is no reason to change the drivers next year. So, let’s do all we can to win next year !