A little bit lucky…

fia formula e | 26.05.2015

The Berlin track was designed on the legendary Berlin Tempelhof airport’s tarmac. That was a bit special, to be honest, as its concrete surface implied an unusual tyre wear. Therefore, those who use to be quick were less so, and vice-versa!

Our car’s set-up was far from perfect, I had too much understeer, and I qualified third. With practice, qualifying and race the same day, the time frame to react to a handling problem is really short.

I took a good start, and then I passed Jarno Trulli thanks to the FanBoost. But after that, Jérôme d’Ambrosio passed me, and I blocked Nick Heidfeld for a while.

I don’t know what was the issue on my car, we’ll have to find out. But the handling was poor, which may possibly result from a bad tyre pressure.

I eventually got the second spot thanks to the disqualification of Luca di Grassi. I have been lucky there, as I am now only 2 points behind the leader, Nelsinho Piquet. That’s not the way I like to score points, but you also need to be lucky in motorsport.

Now, we really have to focus on the next race, in Moscow. It will be again an asphalt surface, and I hope that we will be more competitive there that we were at Berlin.