Sébastien was stressed at Le Mans

fia wec | 18.06.2018

Sunday, Sebastien has lived the five longest laps of his career at the end of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
First Swiss Romand to win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Sebastien joined Toyota in 2012. His victory on Sunday was the one of all emotions.

Both Toyota finish with 12 laps ahead of the third. Was it an easy victory ?
SB: Not at all, it's the opposite! This race was much more difficult to win than when we almost won in 2016. Our teammates, on the other Toyota team, also wanted victory and we had to fight for most of the race.

Did this win make up for your 2016 loss when you gave up five minutes from the finish ?
SB: In a way, yes. On Sunday, it was Kazuki (Nakajima, one of my two teammates with Fernando Alonso) who was driving, as in 2016. I saw myself two years earlier and I started to stress. The last five laps have been the longest of my life!

At the end of the race, we saw you on the track, you watched your car cross the finish line.
SB: When I saw Kazuki greet the checkered flag, it took me a while to realize that I just won the race. You know, this year, as the Porsche and the Audi were not there, it was more of a race to lose than a race to win.

This is Toyota's first victory at Le Mans, after 19 attempts. How did you celebrate that ?
SB: We worked very hard to get there. There were a lot of tears. We had a party, then I went back to Switzerland at night, with my family.