A very-hard-to-score second place !

fia formula e | 12.02.2016

The Buenos Aires race was looking good. I had the best lap after the second free practice. Qualifying started well, as I had the best intermediate time after the first two sectors. And then I made a mistake in the last sector, I blocked my wheels and I spun… as we can only do one qualifying lap in Formula E, I had to start from the last position.

During the race, the number of retirements was very low, and I therefore had to pass almost everybody ! Fortunately, Renault e.Dams gave me a super car, which allowed me to climb the field. What is important for the championship is that I finished ahead of Luca DiGrassi.

That race proved that our car is really working well. But one has to be really careful during these Formula E week-ends, as they are quickly gone by, one really has to avoid any mistake.

We have scored three podiums in four races, and we are leading both championships (team and drivers). That season started therefore very well. Now, we will have to improve the car to stay in front. We will see in Mexico, the next round. That will be a very different circuit, as it is partially drawn on the track used by the F1 championship for the Mexican Grand Prix. We expect there a “perfect” asphalt, which should be somehow in our favour.

On top of that, I tested the new Toyota car just before going to Buenos Aires. I am looking forward to testing it again soon. I hope this 2016 season will allow us to win again in endurance racing.