Waiting for 2016

fia wec | 19.10.2015

The two 6-hours races at Austin and Fuji unwrapped more or less as we expected them to. Without any podium. At Austin, there was nothing we could do against our competitors, while at Fuji, under the rain, we were quite close to the Audis. Up to the last hours, we were quite well placed. When it is raining, the engine is far less important, the engine differences are lessened. That’s why we could fight with an Audi.

Eventually, we got a drive-tru penalty for having crossed the white line at the pit entry, because our engineer gave us a too late call to pit, and Anthony (Davidson) had to cut through the line to enter the pits. But we are classified less than a minute down to the Audi, which is partly due to the engine update we got at Fuji. This update is worth about 15 HP, which was quite good. Before the race week-end, we also had the opportunity to see the new 2016 engine on a test bench. With this engine, we should be competitive again next season.

So, ok, we end up 5th at Fuji. This is not a good result, of course, but let’s say that - compared with what we have seen at Austin -, it was at least a good race.

During this end of season, we know that we can’t fight equally with our competitors. Our goal is therefore to stay focused, to keep a motivated team, and to race without doing any mistake. We are just trying to extract the best result out of our car and of the opportunities that present themselves. That’s our satisfaction. We have to stay focused to be ready for 2016, when we hope to fight again with our competitors.