We have done our max !

fia wec | 26.06.2015

From the very first practice, we have immediately seen that we were not competitive enough at Le Mans. From that moment on, our goal was not to make any mistake… and we were hoping that the others would make some ! As the race is 24 hours long, many things can happen.

Unfortunately, the others did not make mistakes, and we went off the track, losing 13 minutes in the pits.

Ok, we finish 8th, this is a disappointing result. That said, that result matches our competitiveness, we couldn’t have done better. Actually, I would say that we have done our max.

For next year, we are expecting a major aero upgrade, and a new car. We hope that we will cut down the gap with the others, and we hope that we will fight again for the victory, just like in 2014.