We stay confident for Le Mans

fia wec | 03.05.2015

The Spa Six Hours did not unfold as we would have expected. We had a very bad start of the week-end with Kazuki’s accident, when he crashed in the back of another car at the pit exit. He suffered from a broken vertebra.

As our chassis was destroyed, we got a new one for Saturday, and we qualified 6th. At the start, we immediately tried to double our stints, but we quickly suffered from a technical problem: there was no display anymore on our steering wheel, and I had to listen to the engine to shift… we changed the steering wheel, but it didn’t improve the problem, and then the gearbox got blocked, I couldn’t shift anymore. Then, the goal was simply to finish to score points – to do that, you have to cover 75% of the race distance.

That really was a hard week-end for us. But we stay confident for Le Mans, because we did not managed to find the optimal aerodynamic set-up at Spa. On top of that, we were losing a bit of power to the turbo-powered cars because of Spa’s altitude.

As Le Mans is very special in many respects, I think we will still have good chances there.