What a shame !

fia formula e | 11.01.2015

I really enjoyed the Buenos Aires track. It probably was the nicest we had so far in this Formula E season. My car worked well on that track. I signed the fastest laps of all the practice sessions, and I qualified in pole position.

The start was perfect, everything went well. The change of car went just as well. I should have won that race. But I touched the wall just after the Safety Car went in, ten laps to the chequered flag. It was a very light crash, there was just a little mark on the wheel. I realized what happened only when my right front wheel went down : it was such a light crash that I did not even feel it in my steering wheel. I was not flat out, I was in control of the race.

But I have to say that it is quite difficult to lead races with those Formula E cars. When one follows an opponent, one adapt one’s speed to the other, one takes his tow, it is easier. But when one leads, it is just like biking : one must decide which rythm to choose.

It is a real shame to have missed such an opportunity to score big points, so much as my main opponents did not score any. But what is done is done. Now, I must turn that page and focus on the next race, in Miami, on March 14th.