Nissan Edams

A brand new adventure

On top of his racing in endurance with Toyota, and on top of his job as Red Bull Racing third driver, Sébastien signed a contract with e-Dams to race in the 2014-2015 season of the brand new FIA Formula E championship – the famous 100% electric series.

In theory, that sounds like a very interesting championship. On the one hand, because it departs from everything we are used to in motor sports, and on the other hand because Sébastien was among the front-runners during most of the practice sessions that were held during the past months. He notably made a hat-trick during the mock-up race, at Donington, early August, with pole and victory after having lead all the laps.

In Formula E, everything is brand new. To make a long story short, that championship last eleven races on new circuits, all in new cities like Beijing, Miami, Punta del Este (Uruguay) or Long Beach. The race week-end is shortened to one and only day, with qualifying in the morning and race in the afternoon. The race itself lasts one hour only, and the drivers have to change car at mid-race ! The tyres are threaded to make it more difficult to handle those very heavy single-seaters – which benefit from a spectacular torque thanks to their 100% electric engines.

“I drive for an excellent team, e-Dams, with Jean-Paul Driot and Alain Prost, explains Sébastien. That’s a new adventure, for sure, and it is fascinating. The championship took a great start, we are quite competitive as we were third in Putrajaya, and we won at Punta del Este in 2014. That was followed by yet another victory in Monaco in 2015.”