Still leading the Championship !

WEC Championship season 2014
After a three-months break, the World Endurance Championship restarted in Austin, Texas. As we were leading the championship, and as we could have won the Le Mans 24 Hours race, I was keen to win that one. With Anthony Davidson, we got the pole position, one second ahead the fastest of the Porsche cars. That qualifying session really went well, I made the same lap times than Anthony even though the tires were not as new for me as they were for him.
At the start, the strategy was to push at the limit during the first stint, so that I would dig a reasonable gap before passing the wheel on to Nicolas Lapierre. That’s what I have done, as I lapped the track, on average, one second faster per minute than the others, lead by Alex Wurz on the other Toyota. We had a little issue with the front brake cooling system, which had me put the whole braking balance to the rear brakes. That made them lock consistently, which, in the end, made me spin. I lost about 10 seconds there, and we lost a further 15 seconds during the pit-stop, busy opening the brake cooling pipes. Even despite those issues, we would have easily won the race but a violent storm. Nicolas was behind the wheel at that time, and he went off in the gravel trap. We managed to restart after the race was stopped, and I had to push at the very limit to finish third, on the podium!
We still now have a 11-points lead in the championship, and we are going to fight to keep the lead until the end of the season. There are still four races before being there…